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Privacy, Confidentiality & Data

We'll Work Ethically According to Professional & EU Privacy Standards

We start with basic professional confidentiality. Our lips are sealed. Your work with me is completely confidential. We will always be guided by the highest ethical standards.

I will not disclose any information from any cardwork to anyone else without your permission. This means parents, partners, friends, employers, etc. I don't talk about you to anyone but you. Creating a safe, trusting & private space for you is central to any serious cardwork.

If either of us would like to share certain elements of our work, such as photos, we will obtain each other'sbeautiful lady express permission. If you follow my social media, newsletter, or other teaching media, you'll see I cite such sharing with the phrase or hashtag "used with permission."

If you don't meet with that phrase, I'll be using a "teaching story," an example based on experiences from working with many people. These are constructed generically, created from a generalized understanding of common questions and situations cardworkers encounter.

Teaching stories are not directly from any actual individual client reading; instead they illustrate important skills or techniques in an engaging way. Any cards shown will not intentionally be the same cards or deck used in a specific sitter's reading.


I never exchange personal data with anyone but you. And I certainly refuse to harvest or sell your data in any form. I retain only:

Security, Tracking & Cookies

Please note that this site uses no cookies, trackers, scripts, ads, or logins. There aren't any "account features."

No database. No "device identification." No "fingerprinting." No "hidden pixel." No need for a cumbersome & deceptive "cookie wall." No "miners" or malware. No attackable "content management system."

That's why my site looks so sleek & minimal. It neither collects nor harvests anything. I can't track you & I refuse to track you. Here's a reliable guide to keeping yourself safe from web tracking generally.

For general security, this site is hosted on an EU server, guaranteeing us the security of EU law. I also use the https secure protocol for our safety.

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