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Welcome to NotFortunesFool. . . a Space for Modern & Adventurous Tarot

Thanks for Stopping by. I Mean it.

I'm Fortune Buchholtz, card author, researcher, coach & card consultant. You'll know me from Facebook, Instagram, Youtube & print media, such as my tarot editing & Little White Books. You may have also taken one of my classes, met one of my students, seen me at an event or just gotten an impromptu reading at a coffee shop.

Interested in Cardwork? Here's What We'll Do...

We'll examine how your own constructions are mirrored in the cards & go on a journey to see how those construings serve you now... or not. Alternative constructions, other paths, new choices, that road-less-traveled: these are always possible.

There's no prediction fiction. There's no "fortune telling," because it's you whoseeker creates your future with the choices you make now. Over time, you'll come away with a deeply personal & useful card journal practice too.

Working as a team, we're going to use the cards together as equals to let you connect yourself to your self with compassion & kindness. The focus stays on you & your own empowerment. Because that's where the magic sits: in you. Right now.

Appointments & Policies...

Consultations available by previous appointment only. We'll use email to set mutually convenient appointments. Rescheduling is almost always possible because of course: life happens. On rare occasions I may have to reschedule too. It's all good. 

Pay via Paypal or bank transfer. Please don't send a payment before we have agreed to an appointment; this will help ensure your payment is duly noted. If you'd like to pay with a bank transfer, please note that in your appointment request email so I can send you the necessary details.

All payments must be made in full at least 24 hours in advance of the reading time. Cancellations must likewise be made via email at least 24 hours in advance for a refund.

All work currently over video chat only. Please remember I'm in the Berlin/Paris/Copenhagen time zone (CET) at the moment & make adjustments for the time zone differences.

Generally appointments are available between 11am-5pm CET. I reserve the right to refuse & refund appointments. Thank you for your understanding. 

Feel free to write for your own appointment. I look forward to it!


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